We are a national network of licensed advisors and agents who are passionate about providing consumers with the kind of valuable, accurate, and unbiased information that will empower them to make the most educated and confident decisions about annuities.

We are committed to helping educate consumers on whether an annuity is appropriate for their needs, as well as the correct way to use annuities both before and during retirement.

We Have Found There Are Two Main Types of People Who Search The Internet About Annuities:

1. Those who just want to understand the basics of what annuities are and how they work.

2. And those that want to know more advanced annuity strategies, concepts, and planning techniques needed to help achieve better income, growth, and preservation of principal for retirement.

And Whomever You Are, Don't Worry...You're In The Right Place!

“...Because no one who ever wanted to buy a drill really

wanted the drill…what they wanted was a hole!”

Ever heard that expression?

Well, we believe that when most people say they are interested in an annuity (the drill), what they really mean is that they want to find a better way to protect their money, or grow it, or generate retirement income, or preserve their principal, or maybe all of those at the same time (the hole).

Do those desired results sounds familiar?

The problem is, most annuity websites only offer basic information about "drills" and not nearly enough good information about "making holes."

OK, just so that you don’t think we’ve lost our minds…what we are trying to say is that there is a lot of information already out there regarding what annuities are and how they work.

However, there is very little information out there about how to use annuities correctly from a real financial planning perspective in order to best accomplish the growth, income, and preservation of principal goals that are most important to you. Does that make sense?

The result is that a lot of people are being sold products instead of legitimate financial plans or strategies that can actually accomplish their most pressing needs, until now...