Would you like to have a better understanding of annuities and how to use them correctly in retirement?

Are you frustrated from other websites offering “boiler-plate” information about annuities, but without any real advice that you can actually put to use right away?

Now you can learn the specific techniques the Rich use to buy annuities! The best part is that these powerful techniques can be used with almost any type of annuity that is on the market today.

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LESSON #1 - A Better Annuity Strategy

Discover A “Secret” Annuity Strategy That Few Investors (& Their Advisors) Know About: Learn a powerful technique for generating a secure, automatically increasing income stream that can keep getting bigger throughout your retirement -- WITHOUT depleting your original principal.

LESSON #2 - Why So Many Income Plans Fail

Gain crystal clarity on why so many retirees fall into these "underachieving" methods for generating income during retirement, and how you can avoid these frustrations within your own portfolio.

LESSON #3 - Are Fixed Annuities Safe?

Discover the multiple "safety nets" that you get with some fixed annuities that may exist with many other types of "conservative" investments.

LESSON #4 - Confessions of An Annuity Agent

Learn how annuity agents really make their money and how you can spot which agents are only out to sell products and which ones are out to provide legitimate solutions to their clients’ retirement needs.

LESSON #5 - The Ultimate Annuity Agent Interview Checklist

Are you wanting to make the best buying decision possible when it comes to your retirement? This lesson will help you determine which financial advisor is best suited for your specific needs.

LESSON #6 - Annuity Tax Strategies

Is having lower taxes and a higher spendable income during retirement important to you? In this lesson we will explore some easy-to-understand and easy-to-implement concepts to help you get your money working more efficiently.

LESSON #7 - Advanced Annuity Plan Case Study

Experience a real life example of the incredible results that can be achieved by correctly applying the techniques that we have discussed in the first six lessons.